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Through my years of work as a counselor, mental health educator, friend, and human; I’ve had A LOT of conversations with people about their mental health treatment journeys.

I often hear people say “ I tried therapy, it just didn’t work for me”.

Too often.

I’m very much in support of folks exploring other mental health treatments and self-help methods, and I know talk-therapy isn’t going to be right for everyone. However, I think that in many cases the problem isn’t that talk therapy would never work for that individual, but rather that their therapeutic experience was ill-timed, unstructured, or not the right fit. Here are my best suggestions to help you have a positive, successful therapy experience:

-Have a phone consultation before seeing someone for the first time. Most therapists offer a free 15–20 minute consult. Take them up on it! This isn’t a free therapy snippet, it’s a way for you and the professional to size each other up and decide if you’re a good match for one another. It will give you a chance to ask questions and get a feel for how comfortable you are talking to this person.

-Do some research. Consider looking up evidence-based approaches to the problem you’re looking to address. If you know someone who has gone through treatment for…

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Let’s face it- finding a therapist is a daunting task.

Therapy is an intimate process based on trust and a solid relationship. It’s incredibly important to find someone who makes you feel comfortable and whose approach fits your needs.

Here are some tips to guide your search and help you find the right professional.

  • To get started, see if you can get recommendations from people you know or your doctor. Folks you know and trust can provide good insight into whether a particular therapist might work for you. Bios and head-shots can be bland and/or deceiving! You can also call your insurance company to get a list of providers who are in-network, or search a database like Psychology Today or Good Therapy to filter by therapists who serve your area.
  • Consider the delivery method: Do you need in-person appointments, or are you satisfied with telehealth? As more providers move online, telehealth may expand your…

Mary Feamster

Therapist, momma, lover of the outdoors. Here to talk openly about mental health.

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